Roy McIvor

Roy McIvor is a highly respected elder of the Hopevale community north of Cooktown and a member of the Guugu Yimithirr language group. He is Chairperson of the Arts and Cultural Centre at Hopevale and has been instrumental in its development.

Although the artist maintains a strong link to the realm of traditional symbols and stories, at the same time he incorporates contemporary aspects into his repertoire. All narratives are explored by his contemporary painting style and his dynamic approach to colour manipulation and composition.

McIvor was born at Cape Bedford Mission in 1934 and later moved to Spring Hill. Both were Lutheran sites north of Cooktown in Far North Queensland. In 1942, his family and the Cape Bedford Community were forcibly removed from the mission by the military to Woorabinda, near Rockhampton. Roy spent the fi nal years of his formal schooling in Woorabinda. He recalls being inspired by the wife of a teacher, Mrs. Jarrett.

She was always complimenting and supportive of his artistic ability and was an artist herself. Mrs Jarrett had said to Roy, „I hope you keep doing art“. These words were the springboard into a life time interest and working in art for Roy. His curiosity and explorative nature have been expressed in the development of his artwork. Roy has experimented with many techniques and concepts for over 40 years, leaving him with a truly unique Indigenous style.

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