Welcome on Roots Gallery e.K.

Dear friends of the Aboriginal Art,

in times of Corona we are all looking forward to a little cheer up - to give them and to receive them. We have therefore considered bringing something beautiful into your home online.

Now and in the future we will send you exhibitions of various artists or groups of artists on a regular basis and hope to see you with them to enjoy colorful and expressive images of the Aboriginal Art.

In our first exhibition we look at three artists from the Warlukurlangu Artist Family. These are three aspiring artists, who have already made a name for themselves. In the context of the three, we already refer in particular to Athena Nangala Granites, a granddaughter of the well-known late Alma Nungarrayl Granites.

If you have any questions about the pictures, the artists or other backgrounds of the painting, please contact us. We look forward to answering you.

Now we hope you enjoy viewing another world and - stay healthy!

Lilian and Dieter Schmidt