Minnie Pwerle

Minnie Pwerle was born in the Utopia region in 1920. Her country is Atnwengerrp and her language is Anmatyerre and Alyawarr. Minnie has fi ve sisters, and seven children including Eileen, Betty, June, Dora, Raymond, and Barbara Weir who also is a well-known Aboriginal artist.

Minnie began painting in earnest recently at DACOU‘s work shop where she completed a series of linear paintings in September/October 1999. Sonia Heitlinger, Director of Flinders Lane Gallery organised for Minnie‘s fi rst solo exhibition in 2000 based on the strength of these paintings. These works are bold and free-fl owing and immediately captured the attention of art lovers.

Her first exhibition was directly sold out. Minnies‘ main Dreamings are ‚Awelye-Atnwengerrp‘, ‚Bush Melon‘, and ‚Bush Melon Seed‘. These convey her love and respect for the land and the food it provides to the people. ‚Awelye-Atnwengerrp‘ is depicted by a series of lines painted in different widths and colours. This pattern represents the lines painted on the top half of the women‘s bodies during ceremonies in her country of Atnwengerrp.

March 18, 2006 – Minnie Pwerle past away.

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