Mary Anne Nampijinpa Michaels

Mary Anne lived in the Nyirripi region, Northern Territory and belonged to the Warlukurlangu Artists centre. Her language was Warlpiri. She was born 1935 in Lappi Lappi, about 90km northwest of Lake Mackay in Western Australia, where she died in 2012. „One of the standouts from this exhibition is Mary Anne Nampijinpa Michaels.

The way she thickly lays on the paint and drags it quickly around the canvas (as opposed to a more traditional dotting technique) produces fluid and powerful works.

Michaels‘s confi dence is derived not so much from the medium, but from knowing her stories and her place in (and of) the land.“ Excerpt taken from „ Desert Stories just the Beginning“, Sydney Morning Herald, February 28, 2007.

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