Evelyn Pultara

Evelyn Pultara lives at Wilora Community in the Utopia Homelands with her husband Clem and their family. Her parents (now deceased) were Rosie Ngale and Jack Kngwarreye. Jack was brother to the late Emily Kngwarreye making Evelyn her niece. Jack had two wives and fi ve children the only other child by Rosie is Greeny Purvis the wellrespected Anmatyerre elder and famous artist.

Greeny and Evelyn both share the plant totem of their late Aunt the bush yam which is a native subterranean source of food and water. Evelyn represents her dreaming totem in many different styles, from pictorial representations of the plants edible root system to the explosive nature of a germinating yam seed.

It is her unyielding ability to fi nd harmony within a varied palette that sets her apart as an artist. She is heavily represented in galleries in France and Italy and had her fi rst solo exhibition at Walkabout Gallery in Leichardt, Sydney.

Since 2003 she has also been part of several group exhibitions, including, most recently an exhibition of Contemporary Aboriginal Art at Gallery New Quay Docklands, Melbourne.

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