Yam Seed and Emu Tucker


Dolly Petyarre Mills

Art-Nr.: 10125
Acrylic on Linen
120 x 90 cm
Keine deutsche Beschreibung verfügbar.
The seed of the atnwelarr – pencil yam and Ilenyenp – one of the varieties of cassia found in the Utopia Region, are the subject of Dolly’s painting. The stories surrounding both of these plants belong to Alhalkere country in the Utopia Region, northeast of Alice Springs.

The straight line through the centre of the painting and the diagonal direction of dots signifies travelling, dancing and story lines. Intricate dot work represnts the yam seeds and the flowers of the cassia. Dolly explains that emus love to eat the delicate golden yellow flower blooms on this shrub during the hot months.
  • Artikel:10125