Gold place, sacred time


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Oil on linen
46 x 46 cm
Gold Place; Sacred Time is a story about the artist’s homeland, Mildura, his first walkabout and ‘Man’s Business’. The Red region depicts his homeland and the white line denotes the walkabout journey into manhood. Irregular Gold Leaf rectangles on Craig’s works always represent particular special sites or significant events.

In this work it signifies the attainment of manhood and the striped body-paint worn by the Latje Latje for the ceremony associated with this passage rite. Significance is held by the use of color – black is the charcoal or ‘man’s color’; red is the ‘b1ood-line’ (birth place) and symbiotically they become the earth (country). “This Story is BIG. My First walkabout is a time to prove myself as a Latye Latye man, hunter and to walk the path of my ancestors. At this exact place they walked and hunted. We call it Sacred Time.” Craig Charles

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