Bush Tomato Dreaming


Cat#: 10319
Wanakiji Jukurrpa (Bush Tomato Dreaming)
91 x 91 cm

The Wanakiji Jukurrpa (bush tomato [Solanum chippendalei] Dreaming)
travels through Yaturlu (near Mount Theo, north of Yuendumu).
“Wanakiji” grows in open spinifex country and is a small, prickly plant
with purple flowers that bears green fleshy fruit with many small black
seeds. After collecting the fruit the seeds are removed with a small
wooden spoon called ‘kajalarra’. The fruit then can be eaten raw or
threaded onto skewers called ‘turlturrpa’ and then cooked over a fire.
‘Wanakiji’ can also be skewered and left to dry. When they are prepared
in this way it is called ‘turlturrpa’ and the fruit can be kept for a long time.
In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to
represent the Jukurrpa, particular sites and other elements. The Wanakiji
Jukurrpa belongs to Napanangka/Napangardi women and
Japanangka/Japangardi men.