Bush Medicine #3


SKU: 10134
Synthetic polymer on canvas
122 x 152 cm
Bush Medicine Dreaming makes reference to the leaves of a particular type of native shrub which grows abundantly in the desert regions of Utopia, Gloria Petyarre’s homeland, north-east of Alice Springs. The leaves are invaluable to the people of Utopia as they are used to aid in the healing process.

During the life of the plant, the leaves change colour and exhibit different medicinal properties. In the following works Gloria captures the movement of the leaves as they fall to the ground. This sense of motion is characteristic of her paintings.

She also employs bold brush strokes loaded with colour to represent the leaves at different times of the year. In painting Bush Medicine Dreamings, the artist is paying homage to the spirit of the medicinal plant to encourage its regeneration so that her people can continue to benefi t from its healing powers.

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