Welcome home, little travellers
90 x 90 cm


90 x 90 cm
Acrylic and natural ochre on silk canvas


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The Spirit of the Elder watches the inner child of the Aboriginal people who are finally returning home after being taken many years before from home and Country by Government policy. She watches over each and every one and loves them dearly.

They want to establish who they are, they want to embrace their culture that they were not allowed to acknowledge. The young boy in the foreground needs good role models, he is floundering … who is he … where can he find his own place? The girls will have less difficulty … they look on their future with more confidence.

The young fella on the right mentoring from strong Aboriginal men … he´ll do it. Kids … you can all do it !!! You are strong Aboriginal women and men.

Über den Künstler:

Nyree (Ngari) Reynolds wurde 1948 in Wollongong, New South Wales, geboren und gehört zur Sprachgruppe Gamilaraay. Sie ist sowohl eine Arbeitsplatztrainerin mit Zertifizierung der Ebene 4 und Begutachtungstrainerin; als auch eine erfahrene Kunstlehrerin im mittleren Westen von New South Wales.

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