Milky Way Dreaming


Rex Winston-Walford

SKU: 10222
Acryl on linen
60 x 60 cm
From a very early age Rex knew that he was adopted. It was much obvious, as he looked different to his other siblings. He always knew that he had an Aboriginal family out there somewhere, although he didn’t know exactly until much later in life. As a child Rex would look up to the stars and the huge Milky Way galaxy and assume that his Aboriginal family lived under these same stars. This gave Rex a feeling of immense pride, knowledge and feeling that he belonged to this country. To think that he could look up at the Milky Way and see the same stars that his father and mother and their mother and father had also gazed upon gave Rex an important spiritual connection to his country and ancestral past. Although the stories of his ancestors can now only be heard through the blowing of the breeze Rex can always feel their presence when he gazes into the stars.
  • Model:10222