Jorna Newberry

Wind Dreaming
60 x 90 cm


acrylic on linen 

60 x 90 cm



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Product Description

WalpaTjukurpa (Wind Dreaming) relates to her mother’s country at Utantja, a large stretch of sacred ceremonial land that has hilly country and a huge rock hole where many people come from time to time to paint up, dance and do ceremony. It is a country fi lled with kangaroos, camels, rock wallabies and birds. 

„The wind ceremony forms winds … creates air to cool the lands…“ She explains that wind also helps in hunting as being down wind from animals makes it easy to hunt successfully. In painting this story Jorna uses a very vibrant gesture with circles and lines to describe the movement of the wind and its’ eddies as its’ size gets bigger and bigger. 


About the artist:

Jorna Newberry is a Pitjantjatjara artist, was born around 1959 at Angus Downs. Jorna divides her time between Warakurna, lrrunytju and Alice Springs where she has family, living between the traditional culture of her indigenous background and a contemporary one.

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