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You never heard about the art of aborigines and you want to know what it is about? Aboriginal art is fascinating people because the artists are using their own perspecitve to create paintings.

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Are you impressed by the paintingstyle of a specific artist? You can find your australian artist in our directory. Learn more by reading biographies and discover more artworks of the artist.

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Paintings from Central
Desert and Yuendumu

07.07.2016 - 16.07.2016

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We are member of Indigenous Art Code!
Wir sind Mitglied beim Indigenous Art Code!

For us, the ethical standard for the trade with artworks of the aborigines are a must. We support the work of Indigenous Art Code and see it as our obligation to ensure faire conditions for our artists.

Ethische Standards für den Handel mit Kunstwerken der Aborigines sind für uns ein Muss. Wir unterstützen die Arbeit des Indigenous Art Code und sehen es als unsere Pflicht, faire Konditionen für unsere Künstler zu gewährleisten.

Read more / Mehr erfahren: www.indigenousartcode.org